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Ardent Services is a consultant firm serving the needs of individuals, companies and the communities. Our mission is to "find a need and fill a need" as we analyze the crucial areas of any venture.  We offer a comprehensive approach on how to drive efficiency, expand impact, elevate influence and lead change. Whether you are an individual creating a career, a company looking to grow or enhance your workforce, or a community partner supporting the people and corporations in your area you will want to call Ardent Services to show you how to work together and make time for what matters.


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Resume creation/ Consult

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Career Mapping

Interview  Prep


  Consultations/ Workshops on:

            Diversity Programs

            Employee Engagement 

            Company Culture


Volunteer/ Event Coordination

Event Support

Job Seeker Workshops

Employer Collaboration

Nice to meet you!

We want to get to know you and all that makes you/ your company/ your community special. Here is a bit about us...

Tiffany Dougherty

Owner/ Consultant

Tiffany Dougherty is a professional development strategist, a company culture guru and a community impact enhancement specialist. With her experience in employment and employer consulting, recruitment and retention, organizational development, and corporate responsibility she is obsessed with finding simple and sustainable ways to find a need and fill a need. With over a decade of experience in talent acquisition she has worked with small to mid-sized businesses and corporate level employment partners on employment branding, employee engagement and community relations. AS a recruiter and manager in her field she has also helped thousands of job seekers across the country find gainful employment and meaningful career paths. Ms. Dougherty is also the owner of Ardent Services Inc., a consultant company geared towards equipping individuals, companies and communities with the tools, strategies and support to reach their full potential.

Ms. Dougherty’s education in Business Administration and Organizational Psychology and Development has helped her to develop a strategic and proactive mindset towards making connections and bridge the gaps. Her understanding of individual needs, corporate responsibility and community initiatives helps her to link purpose at all levels and develop collaborative programs to help everyone involved to benefit. Ms. Dougherty continues her education and attends monthly conferences across the country to stay up to date on current market trends and resources to amplify her efforts in assisting job seekers, companies and community organizations. She is also a part of several business and entrepreneurial networking groups across the country and internationally to develop new opportunities and learn about the challenges that affect business in other cultural and economic climates.

Ms. Dougherty is an active member of the leadership team with Roll Call Chicagoland, a veteran networking and support group, and also volunteers through many community organizations focused on assisting veterans, people with disabilities, women, entrepreneurs, the LGBTQ community and many more. This service has prepared her to position herself and the companies she works with to have optimum impact in the communities they serve and elevate the mission of said organizations. Ms. Dougherty is also recognized in the Diversity and Inclusion field as an ardent volunteer and dedicated ambassador for a variety of important causes. She seeks to drive efficiency, expand impact, elevate influence and lead change in everything she does.